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Car Panel won't stop popping up!


Car Panel won't stop popping up!

I've had my Inspire for about two months, and in the past week or two, the car panel kept popping up at random times. I heard it has to do with the phone thinking the usb cord is a car charger, but it happens even when it's not plugged in to anything.


And today has been the worse, the car panel keeps flashing on and off repeatedly nonstop. It interupts everything I do and the speaker phone is always on by itself. Does anyone know what I can do about this??? This is extremely frusterating!

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Re: Car Panel won't stop popping up!

You can try a factory reset.  But its possible its a hardware fault, and the USB port is damaged, so that it thinks its plugged into a car dock.  You may need a warranty repair/replacement.

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