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Captivate video and ringtones


Captivate video and ringtones

I have an updated Captivate. I have downloaded ring tones, and they will work for the day, then when the phone rings, it is just silent. If I set an android ring tone it will work. Does anyone know how to keep the assigned ringtones working?  Also and video I have, either ones I made or am sent, will not play. I keep getting a message that my phone does not support the videos. It also happens if I try to view anything on youtube. Does anyone know how I can fix these frustrating problems?

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Re: Captivate video and ringtones

This works for me with the ringtones.

In the root of the sd card create the following folder structure and move your custom ringtones to the appropriate folder.
/ media / audio / ringtones
/ media / audio / notifications
/ media / audio / alarms

This folder structure is the default path android uses to find ringtones.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Captivate video and ringtones

Thanks, I will try that. I can put my sd card on computer and try to transfer. I just got this phone as warranty exchange, and just realized, my vidoes haven't shown since then. So I am going to call and have them replace this one. 

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