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Captivate uses close to data limit (WiFi issues)


Captivate uses close to data limit (WiFi issues)

Dear AT&T,

I received your notice that I am getting close to my limit on my data plan and thank you for letting me know about streaming data via wifi from home to save on the data plan.  What you didn't include was how I am suppose to connect to my home wifi. 


Ever since the upgrade to Froyo, I have not been able to connect to my home wifi no matter what I do unless I completely wipe out my phone (reset) and loose everything and have to spend countless hours to get everyting set back up.  I have already done this once before.  However I have no problem anywhere else connecting to wifi, only my home location.  Go figure!


This is a problem that has been on going with MANY customers for at least a year or so now.  So why don't you work with Samsung and figure out what you can do to fix this.  Thanks

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