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Captivate random shut downs


Captivate random shut downs

I was wondering if anyone else's Captivate has shut down automatically? It happened 3 times yesterday the screen goes into standby mode but if you try waking it up you had to pull the battery.

There are lots of people that experience this issue. Does anyone return the phone back to ATT because of it? Did anyone talk to ATT about it. Any response would be greatly appreciated. I'm getting ready to return my phone or replace it ;(

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Re: Captivate random shut downs

Captivate Keep Alive does somewhat influence power consumption.  However, it's active only when the battery is nearly fully charged, so the effect is minimal.  I haven't personally needed or used the app, but I generally hear positive things about it.


I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent AT&T’s positions, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Captivate random shut downs--my update

Ok..last night I charged the battery to only 75% full...unplugged the phone and then went to bed..once again..the phone had shutdown when I checked it in the morning. I had even tried turning off 'power saving mode' in the settings.  Soooo, I guess charging the battery to 100% is not the issue.  It seems that it shuts down, regardless of how full the battery is, when the phone sits idle for a few hours.


I am going to try to only charge it during the day so that I am still using it after a charge and see if that makes a difference.

If that does not work...I will try that Keep Alive app that was mentioned.


Shutting down in the middle of the night is a major problem for me.  My wife works the night shift (7pm to 7am) and would be unable to get in touch with me if she needed to because we do not have a landline.



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Re: Captivate random shut downs

..... Captivate Keep Alive app, do you know if that defeats the purpose of sleep mode and accelerate  battery usage?

yes, it defeats the purpose of sleep mode and accelarates battery drain  



.........Between this, GPS and the 2.2 delays, I really wish I could call a do-over on this phone.

unfortunately, 2.2 doesn't solve shut down issue. It does GPS improvement thou.

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Re: Captivate random shut downs

I had AT&T send me a new phone and no issues. I was told there was something wrong with the phone they sent me..... So far it has been weeks and no unexpected shut offs. Before the phone would turn off on a daily basis.

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Re: Captivate random shut downs

We (my wife's captivate) experienced the problem, and we exchanged the phone. 


Here are what I consider the fascinating parts of this:

  • on July 30, a writer on this chain reported that if they turned off the power management feature, the problem stopped, and many readers confirmed this solution.  If course this is a work-around, not a solution.
  • AT&T seems to be unaware there is a problem apparently related to the power management feature of this phone.
  • I suspect part of the problem is related to the fact that when I exchanged the phone, no one was really interested in why.
  • So AT&T and Samsung got all of these returns without asking why, and there are 11 pages of reports of this problem with a work-around described?
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Re: Captivate random shut downs

Apparently AT&T and Samsung are aware of the issue:


I haven't decided whether to exchange my phone, however, because the shutdowns no longer occur for me.


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Re: Captivate random shut downs

I searched and never found that. So they think that they fixed it on Nov. 6. Bought my phones on Dec. 20. Exchanged one two weeks later. All three with numbers in the "bad" range (starting 3518). Not a confidence builder.
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Re: Captivate random shut downs

I exchanged several refurbished Captivates hoping to get one without the shudown issue but to no avail.  It's obvious that they're just re-sending the defective Captivates to people who buy refurbished so getting a working model is like playing roulette.  I also thought that I'd just buy a new Captivate to avoid the issue, but was too scared I'd once again get one with the defective hardware and be right back in the cycle again.   What we're facing is a sitution where AT&T & Samsung just point the finger at one another and we as customers get screwed.  I started a thread about this in customer care if you want to get more info on this. 


Ultimately, I just bought a new Motorola phone even though I specifically wanted one with a bigger screen.  I can't wait until Verizon or another carrier gets decent coverage in my town because bye-bye AT&T.



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Re: Captivate random shut downs



Well, myself also had the random power shutdown going on and I finally called ATT right before xmas about it.


They knew of the problem and were happy to send out a replacement unit.


I got the new one, sent the old one back, and haven't had (knock on wood) any issues with the power shutdown at all since.


Sidenote though (more for a different topic) this phone however, when I connected it to Kies, performed a firmware update to the phone, and ever since then, it won't connect to Kies (previous phone never had this issue). Obviously it was something that happened with the update since it connected just fine prior to the update.

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Re: Captivate random shut downs

Hi. I bought a new captivate and after 2 weeks it started powering off at random. I took it back to the at&t store in ann arbor and the salesman said I was the first to turn one in for this.problem! So I figured it was just that phone. I got another one and two weeks later the same thing! I called him back and he said maybe it was my sim card. So he replaced that, and it didn't help. I'm taking it back tomorrow and getting the windows focus. Too bad, cause I liked the phone otherwise.
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Re: Captivate random shut downs

Maybe I'm the one that lucked out then. My replacement hasn't given me the shutdown problem and I've had for just over a month now.

The window focus is actually a pretty cool phone. I do like the design of the groups and the way the email and text messages present themselves. Its a fresh take.
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Re: Captivate random shut downs

I just read an article in wireless news about the random shut Downs on the galaxy s and the captivate. Seems Samsung has known about this problem for months. Any phone made before Nov. 6th 2010 can have this issue. The article also tells you what IMEI # that is on your box to look for to see if your phone was made before the Nov. 6th date. The article also said there have been no problems reported with the newer phones. I went back to the at&t store and they acted shocked at the article I showed them! They crazy thing is that I said I would take another captivate made after Nov. 6th but they had none. They are still selling the older ones! Why is Samsung still got those out there selling them? They said they'll get me a new one within the week. Finally!
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