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Captivate phone.apk force closing?


Captivate phone.apk force closing?



I purchased a new Samsung Captivate at the beginning of December, and for the past 3 weeks or so I've been having an issue where the stock Samsung phone application will randomly force quit from time to time.  The only possible culprit I can think of would be the OTA AT&T JH7 firmware update to the phone (which completed successfully) about a week after I received my phone.


Could that be my issue?  I haven't installed any applications that hook into the phone or the address book.  Is there a way for me to roll back to the original firmware to see if a somewhat botched update is to blame?  As far as I know, the "factory restore" option in the android system menu only wipes the data on the phone, not system software.  Can AT&T do something in-store to restore my phone?

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