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Captivate phantom msg notification


Captivate phantom msg notification

I received a text message yesterday, the envelope icon in the notification tray is there but when I open the notification to view message it opens into a blank text message template. When I open my messages from the home screen, I do not see the text that was sent,  I know this because in the notification tray it includes the first few words of the message and I looked for it in my message inbox and its NOT there.


Not only is it annoying to have a phantom text message notification, but I'm concerned it could be a virus or worm. Help please?! I dont want to have to reset my phone.

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Re: Captivate phantom msg notification

As much as it is annoying, you should not fret about the issue. Out of the two other AT&T phones I have had, (including one out of two Samsung phones) both of them have done this. It's happened to other people, too, although I've not heard of this issue with the Captivate. I still have yet to encounter this with my own Captivate.

The fix: just wait. It took a day or two for the phantom message on my phones to reset itself and disappear. I was happy when it was finally gone. Also, you could power the phone down and back on to see if that corrects the issue, but all you really need to do is wait. I know, it is incredibly annoying, but I can assure you, the message WILL disappear on its own. Smiley Happy

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