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Captivate - Where's the pedometer?


Captivate - Where's the pedometer?

AT&T clearly states that a "Pedometer" is one of the extras on this phone, in fact it's the first item in the list.  I bought this phone on Sunday and I see no sign of a pedometer function or any such android app included on the phone.


I already know that there are other apps available for this on the market, but I was expecting a Samsung app for this. 


I'm assuming that GPS needs to be functional for a GPS app to function anyway, so I guess the point is moot . . .



I REALLY hope Samsung can fix this GPS problem.


For the most part I really like the Captivate, but the GPS issue has me worried that I'm gonna be stuck with a lemon for 2 years . . .  argh Smiley Sad

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Re: Captivate - Where's the pedometer?

If you really need a pedometer on your phone, you might want to try the Mytracks app.


As for the GPS, I had the same problem.  ATT was no help.  I contacted Samsung and spoke to a Level 3 tech who said there is a software fix coming out soon for the GPS problem.    Also, he recommended not turning on the GPS in Settings until you are outside, away from buildings, under the sky and not in your car.  I was turning the GPS on inside and walking outside - it didn't work.  When I did as he suggested, it worked just fine.


As a navigator, I used GPS a lot in the military.  GPS works great in open areas.  Indoors or next to tall buildings, dense forests, etc., the GPS receiver might not be able to receive the signals from enough, or any, satellites to make the GPS work. This isn't the receiver's fault.


Good luck with it.

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Re: Captivate - Where's the pedometer?

Thanks for your response, but  . . .


I'm aware that there are pedometer apps on the android market, my point is; why is AT&T saying there's a pedometer if there's no pedometer?


I know that you have to usually be outside for GPS to work.  I have an old Magellan GPS reciever and if I sit on my porch steps it finds about 15 satellites and locks on to 6 with no problem.  It finds my location to within about 100 ft.


The Captivate DID work awesome one time after playing with the settings as described elsewhere on the net, but then the "fix" stopped working as it does with 98% of those that post a "fix" and now it only finds 3 or 4 satellites at best and never locks on.  If I turn on the option "Location and Security >> Use Wireless Networks" Google Maps finds a spot about 10 miles away and it thinks that's "My Location".  That is totally unusable!


This phone DOES have a satellite reciever in it because the one time it worked it found about 11 satellites and that's the one time Google Maps found my actual location.


I hope Samsung really can fix this otherwise this thing is going back as defective.  !0 miles away is NOT a reasonable expectation! Smiley Wink

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Re: Captivate - Where's the pedometer?

Well, AT&T . . . I'm waiting.


Also, there's mention of "dual speakers for 3D sound," in the "extras"Huh?  Where?  Even Samsung doesn't mention that in the specs.

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Re: Captivate - Where's the pedometer?

that would be the ear phones.  if you plug the earphones in then you can get 5.1 sound off the headsets.


i have heard that it is pretty good and that the earphones are nice considering they come with the phone.


by all accounts the gps issue is to be fixed in september sometime.  i think that is the same time they are to put out froyo as well.

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Re: Captivate - Where's the pedometer?

You can't get 5.1 sound from those earphones.    In case you didn't know, 5.1 means 5 fullrange channels plus 1 bass channel, or 6 speakers total.


It IS psssible to get 3D sound from fullsized headsets with 2 transducers on each side, but not from these earplugs.  No way.



Even though AT&T butchered the Captivate by making Samsung remove features, like FM Radio and Voice dialing so you'd have to use their pay-per-programs, I still like the Captivate.  But I'm afraid that if I wait for Samsung's fix to repair the GPS problem, it won't fix it and I'll be stuck with this phone for 2 years.

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Re: Captivate - Where's the pedometer?

Just thought I would throw out some stuff here.


1. I apparently own one of the few Captivate's to never have had a serious GPS problem. True, it can't really snag me in my house, not that I really NEED it there. I've had a rare occassion with Maps glitching up when I make turns, possibly due to satellites.


2. The headphones are actually extremely good. I am considering getting a set of iFrogz partly as a backup as well as further customizing my phone. 


3. I don't know why you think Voice Dialing was removed. Not only is that not related to Samsung (Google Voice), but Vlingo is now free (after I paid for it) and supposedly works better than Google Voice.


4. After having spoken to an AT&T tech about a possible 3g tower issue in my area, she informed me of a memo she received going over the upcoming GPS fix to the Captivate for September. The weirdest part is that it takes 14 mins to install, which is 10 mins more than any patch would require. An OS upgrade, on the other hand, just might.

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Re: Captivate - Where's the pedometer?

The reason I say the voice dialer app was removed is because the "vanilla" Galaxy S phone has a voice dialer app.  You can see that from the user manual for the generic Galaxy S;


Voice Dialer
Learn to dial a number or open an application by voice.
• This feature may be unavailable depending on
your region.
• Your device can recognise only American English
• Recognised languages may vary depending on
your region.

Call a contact by voice dialling
You can call numbers directly by saying the contact’s name
or number.
1 In Idle mode, open the application list and select Voice
2 Say “Call” or “Dial” and then a name or a phone number.
Alternatively, say "Redial" to the last dialled number.
The device dials the selected number.
››Open an application
1 In Idle mode, open the application list and select Voice
2 Say “Open” and then an application.
The device opens the corresponding application.


And I never said the earphones weren't good, but they are hardly " dual speakers for 3D sound"


It's hard to believe that a simple update would take 14 min to install, perhaps it takes 14 min to download and install it?

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Re: Captivate - Where's the pedometer?

There is a setting you can change in the phone to make the GPS work.  For some reason it is turned off by default, but a simple setting change will do the job.  The fix can be found with a simple google search for "samsung captivate gps".



1. Navigate to Settings > Location & Security and uncheck the box next to "Use Wireless Networks".

2. Go to the phone's dialer and enter the number *#*#1472365#*#* then press send to access the phones LBSTestMode menu.

3. In the LBSTestMode menu, press “Application Settings” and change “Operation Mode” to “MS Based.”

4. Navigate to the “SUP/LCP Settings” and the SERVER & PORT to (make sure NOT to place “www.” in front) and port 7262 (some have reported better luck with port 7276).

5. Make sure the settings are saved and reboot your phone.

6. Navigate back to Settings > Location & Security and check the box next to “Use Wireless Networks.”

Signed up for AT&T, got bought by Cingular, then dumped on Alltel.
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