Captivate - No Email Headers on Forward


Captivate - No Email Headers on Forward

I'm using my email on my Captivate through my work 's Exchange server with Active Sync. On 2 different Samsung Captivate devices I've noticed that when I forward an email from the devices, the header information for the email that I'm forwarding is missing. In other words, if I forward an email it will appear to the recipient as though I'm the originator of the email because the header information is missing from the email being forwarded. All the recipient sees is the body of the email but without the header information. I have a Tilt that is also on AT&T and the headers are sent when I forward a message. Is this problem unique to the Captivate phones on AT&T?

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Re: Captivate - No Email Headers on Forward

Doubt this to be an AT&T problem, issue with the phone is more than likely. You'll need to contact Samsung about this.

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