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Captivate GB

Has anyone heard an approximate date when GB will be released for the Captivate? First samsung posts on their facebook (beginning of July) that it's coming to US phones by mid July. It's now almost mid-August. 

ATT says they are releasing it to phones but no timeline...I spoke with Samsung, they say "oh, we have no information that an update is even coming"...I pointed the person I was speaking with to the facebook page and she said it was a first for her.  I speak with ATT and the woman I speak with says she knows there is an update coming, but didn't know if it would be before December.. I know Samsung is horrid with updates, but is ATT always so vague?  it's been out for 8months....You'd think that for a "flagship" phone, instead of making 4million phones and tabs as fast as they can, Samsung would keep phones updated.  /end rant.

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