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Captivate - Email - Why can't I change my passwords, etc?


Captivate - Email - Why can't I change my passwords, etc?

I have had this phone for about a month. It is the first "smartphone" i have ever owned. I added 2 yahoo email accts to the email feature on this phone while in the store with the salesman and did not realize that these emails would automatically open. I did not like this at all as anyone could hit the email app and get into these accts. I tried to find a place where i could "unclick" the auto log in feature -- did not find maybe it doesn't exist?? So I went online to my yahoo emails and changed my passwords in an attempt to "fix" this problem. Well naturally I couldn't get into my email on the phone without retyping in my password but......guess what....that  didn't work!! I was locked out of my email on my phone and, therefore, my yahoo messenger as well. Soooooo on I go to a computer and reset my yahoo passwords to their original state. Now I can access my messenger and email again. This is stupid! Does anyone know if there is a way to not automatically sign into email, change the passwords, this point I would love to just delete the accts from the phone altogether but, again, can't seem to find a way to do that either! Maybe the phone is too smart for me after all. Either I'm being dumb or this so called smartphone is dumb! Thanks for any help u can give me.

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Re: Captivate - Email - Why can't I change my passwords, etc?

If you do want to remove the email accounts from the phone, you can see how here:  Deleting is about halfway down the page.


I don't know what went wrong with updating the passwords, but I doubt you'll find a setting to always request a password.  A phone isn't a multi-user system.  It's designed to be used by only one person, so the user who has access to the phone has access to all the information on it.  If you want to restrict access, you can put a lock code on the phone.


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Re: Captivate - Email - Why can't I change my passwords, etc?

k thanks! I will try that.

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Re: Captivate - Email - Why can't I change my passwords, etc?

There is apparently a back door way to solving this problem.  On the Main Page of your Captivate, click Menu, Click Notifications, and look for an unsuccessful download message from your email account.  When you click on the unsuccessful download message, it prompts you to enter your new password.  Since I backed into this, it may be that the unsuccessful download message was prompted by a failed attempt to sync that email account.

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