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Captivate Contact Images missing in Text and Call Log


Captivate Contact Images missing in Text and Call Log

Ok - I had to go by the AT&T store this past weekend to get a new phone under warranty (mine had the famous shut-off issue, for a second time) - Anyhow - got the new phone. This phone already had the 2.2 software on it, which was nice. Everything seemed to be fine until I started texting.

I sync with my google account, including contacts, which I've taken the time to add photos to so they'd show up in my phone - it's a neat feature and easy enough to do. I DO NOT sync any images through facebook and I DO NOT have the Twitter app installed either. Every last person in my phone with an image is linked through my gmail contacts.

So on this new phone, I can see the contact images in 'Contacts' - but there are no images in the call log or in my messaging app (texts). I even tried clearing out all the texts that were transfered over from the last phone... thinking maybe it needed to be 'reset' and still nothing.

I've tried looking at setting, but I can't seem to find anything that fixes it or sounds like the right place to be looking.
I've found some other issues like this online, but mostly it's people having issues getting facebook images to sync - again, I do not sync facebook contacts to my phone.

Have a covered all the details?

Can anyone help?

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Re: Captivate Contact Images missing in Text and Call Log

I am on my 4th Captivate and the photo icons for contacts have always synched for me, but the results are a disappointment. This includes those restored by gmail and by using Samsung Kies. My reason is the loss of resolution.


I have always reimaged the handful of contacts I assigned photos to for restoring the clarity of the photo. The smudged looking versions I got by restoring were just a place holder for me. In short, results from backing up and restoring photo contacts were not worth the effort

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