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Captivate Call Audio Volume/Quality Issue


Captivate Call Audio Volume/Quality Issue

Hi All -


I went from a BB Bold 9000 to the Captivate last Friday and so far I am in love!  There is one problem though that I would like to get help with.


It seems that when I am on a call, it is difficult for me to hear the person I'm talking to.  Even with the volume all the way up it is still somewhat quiet and on top of that it is muffled.  If it was either one exclusively I might be able to deal with it but muffled sound that isn't loud makes it very difficult to hear with ANY background noise.  I was always able to hear clearly on my Blackberry even with the volume only partially up.


It's gotten to the point where I'm unknowingly jamming the phone against my ear so I can hear better.  Has anyone else had this problem?


I'm hoping this is maybe just a bad speaker and if I have to exchange it the new phone will be better because other than this problem I love everything else.


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Re: Captivate Call Audio Volume/Quality Issue

I have the same exact experience.


Upgraded from Bold 9000 to Captivate and noticed the same issues you have.

Volume and call quality is not even close to the Bold.


What is strange is that the volume and clarity is excellent when you play media, i.e. UTube.


Could this be a reception issue or settings issue?


Since I need the phone to make frequent business calls incl. lengthy conf calls via speakerphone, I may have to go back to the Bold, unfortunately...






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Re: Captivate Call Audio Volume/Quality Issue

Hey there guys,

Here's the fix.  I've tried it and its working.  Just don't set the settings too high the first time around.!/

Let me know.

Mark in Brea

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Re: Captivate Call Audio Volume/Quality Issue

Thanks, Mark.

It did make a difference.

Quality of ths sound is still not great, but think I can live with it.

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