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Captivate - Android OS Battery Drain


Captivate - Android OS Battery Drain



I've had a Captivate since August 2010. This hasn't really been an issue until the past two weeks (just moved to another state...throwing it in here because maybe this has something to do with it). I have never really had a problem with my phone before. Yeah, it will occasionally restart in the midafternoon or freeze for a few seconds...understandable issues. However, a new one has developed.


This is about the third time (random days) that my phone has just randomly died in the middle of the afternoon. I like to have my graphics up high and my live wallpaper on. This has never been an issue before (I can get at least 10 hours out of it with those turned up). I was curious as to why this has been happening. I decided to investigate in my battery usage. My Android OS category is at a whopping 40%! It had been running for 2hr32min.


My question is this: is this an issue with something like an AT&T software in the background that only runs in this new state, or is there just a buggy version of an application I have installed?


I uninstalled Facebook (had the new buggy chat feature) and that seemed to solve it after those first two days, but now it has come back again. Only programs I really have are: Angry Birds, Twitter, Pandora, my bank, Adobe Reader. Right after I checked this battery usage thing, I went into my running services and only the ones that are always there were up. Can a program run in the background (say Twitter) and not show up in the running services?


Thanks for the help. People dog on the Captivate alot, but it's really not that bad of a phone. We can't expect technology to run amazing 100% of the time.

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Re: Captivate - Android OS Battery Drain

When you say died, is it just random shutdown or die because battery complete drained? If it is the former, it's a known hardware issue and you have to get a replacement phone for that.

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Re: Captivate - Android OS Battery Drain

I agree with foxbat121, I went through 3 Captivates at the beginning of November before I got one that wouldn't randomly shutdown. As for the android system battery usage mine has been on my desk charging for an hour and it is at 2%. I will recheck tomorrow during the day when I am using it regularly and repost to let you know what it is at that time. If it is random shutdowns like fox said, you are still under warranty, send it back and get a new one.

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Re: Captivate - Android OS Battery Drain

One other thing that has plagued Vibrant (T-Mobile's sibling phone) owners is that when you are in a marginal 3G coverage area, the phone constantly switches back and forth between 3G and Edge.  This searching for a signal drains the battery on the phone, as well.  This may be a new factor for you since you moved recently.  You can switch your phone to 2G only when you don't need 3G service. HTH

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Re: Captivate - Android OS Battery Drain

I understand your response, but it's a gradual drain (as opposed to an instant shut down). It acts like almost as if I'm like installing a program for two hours nonstop.

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Re: Captivate - Android OS Battery Drain

I'm not sure how much you use data.  I have a recommendation but you will need to adjust it according to your data usage needs.  Try switching the phone to 2G or Edge only and turning the Wi-Fi signal off for a day.  Take note of whether or not your battery drains as quickly as before.


You can also use the Juice Defender App (available in the Market) to see when your phone is using its battery the most.  That may help you determine which processes are causing your battery drain.

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