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Captivate 2.2 problems...


Captivate 2.2 problems...



 Ok.. Let AT&T and Samsung know what kinds of problems we are having/ had..



 First.. After I updated 2.2 .. My phone started:



 - freezing even during rebooting.

 - auto reboot

 - Not getting calls and txt sometimes.

 - screen is totally out (black screen)


 in the end, when I turn on the cell phone, the starting screen stayed really long, and it turned black. Only four keypad on the bottom of the cell phone had lights on. Had weird vibration sometimes...



 I went the warranty service and exchanged the cell phone with 2.1...


 :-( I Won't update Never AGAIN.

 After more than half years of waiting... They messed up..


 I will wait to see if they have another update (like update 1 of 2.1 to fix GPS problems)



 what other problems???






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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

What do you use for a Task Killer then?  Without Advanced Task Killer my phone battery dies in one day.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...


rpiplica wrote:

What do you use for a Task Killer then?  Without Advanced Task Killer my phone battery dies in one day.

I think the key is to find out what it is draining your battery, then uninstall it / block it / shut it down.  I'm running stock 2.2 and if I leave my phone untouched in a place where it has a good phone signal, it might drain 5% overnight.  I *did* root my phone, and remove a lot of AT&T's bloatware, though I honestly don't know if any of that runs all the time or not.  The only thing I consciously keep an eye on is after a reboot, I use the regular Settings | Applications | Running Services menu to find and stop the DRM service, as I have no need for it and somewhere I thought I read it can really suck down the ole juice.  I also have Wifi, Bluetooth, and Data Network Mode off unless I'm actually using them.  I don't let it auto-update gmail or facebook or any of that.


I've been off the charger for 8 hours now and read 86%, and that's with the usual browsing of the web today, checking my email, etc.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

I have been having the exact same problems. Since I upgraded to 2.2 my phone will not send MMS I only receive them. I have had my Captivate replaced twice and both phones did the same thing and they said it was something I was doing. I just now got my other replacement and it is freezing up all the time. I am so annoyed by this! 

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

With regard to problems after 2.2, I can't believe no one else mentioned it, but how about the fact that VOICE DIAL OVER BLUETOOTH STILL DOES NOT WORK!!!! I hope someone successfully sues their posteriors over this one. It was promised for months, but when 2.2 was delivered, nope, not there.



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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

For me. The Cappy started an issue with the mobile hotspot.

It would turn on, I'd connect my Xoom or laptop and after 10 sec it shut off. After a week of back and forth with att tech tier II we finally gave up and warranty replaced (my second, first one had the random shut off issue )

It also would not recoginze video and music files. And after hard reboot it be fine a for a few days then start up again.

I also had the MMS issue, and solved that by what other people said, taking out the parenthesis. I import my contacts from outlooks csv files and outlook would put the parenthesis in there.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

Waited 6 months to get flash 10 and now have a lot more problems.


1) No exchange sync support in OS. Cant get to work email, this is a well known issue for business users.

2) Network interfaces need to constantly be reset to connect. Put phone in flite mode usually works, sometimes power cycle required.

3) Overall CPU performance horrible. Phone freezes during operation making touch screen hard to use.

4) Video playback terrible, freezes during video playback, robodefense is unusable.

5) GPS Still bad...

6) AT&T has not released a software update in the 6 months since this release.

7) According to ATT/Samsung no rollback path provided to 2.1.


What a huge foulup by ATT/Samsung/Google. Did anyone test this software????


Now getting sent back and forth between ATT and Samsung support, who want me to send them my phone for a week so they can fix it!


Guess I'll try the factory reset before I root the phone and see what's wrong for myself.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

In reply to "tpf802" - m

tpf802 wrote:

my phone is now killing my battery, vibrates after turning it off and putting it on will vibrate a minute after it has been pu on's deleted all the ("Dr.") prefixes for my doctors names in my contacts list...example Dr. Jacabs has become ALL my Dr. contacts!!!

Mine does the same thing (vibrating after plugging into battery charger; deleting all my Dr. prefixes).  In addition, many of my contacts had multiple phone numbers, the additional phone numbers were removed from the contact and placed at the top of my contact list with no name - just a phone number.  Now I don't know who they belong to.  This all happened after having to do a factory reset.  My major problem is the phone sensor seems to be malfunctioning....I am constantly hanging up on people or putting them on hold when the phone, apparently, is too close to my cheek.  Other times when I end my call the screen will just stay black (these were the reasons for having to do the factory reset, which seemed to work initially, but now the problems are back).  I'm very frustrated.  I try to avoid having to talk on my phone - not good.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 Auto Correct

A couple of days after doing the gingerbread update I began having auto correct butt in when I was composing or forwarding a message.  Does anyone know how to disable that feature?

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