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Captivate 2.2 problems...


Captivate 2.2 problems...



 Ok.. Let AT&T and Samsung know what kinds of problems we are having/ had..



 First.. After I updated 2.2 .. My phone started:



 - freezing even during rebooting.

 - auto reboot

 - Not getting calls and txt sometimes.

 - screen is totally out (black screen)


 in the end, when I turn on the cell phone, the starting screen stayed really long, and it turned black. Only four keypad on the bottom of the cell phone had lights on. Had weird vibration sometimes...



 I went the warranty service and exchanged the cell phone with 2.1...


 :-( I Won't update Never AGAIN.

 After more than half years of waiting... They messed up..


 I will wait to see if they have another update (like update 1 of 2.1 to fix GPS problems)



 what other problems???






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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

I too had a fairly smooth running phone until I upgraded to Froyo. With Eclair my only complaints were that Wallpaper Rotator was unstable and I couldn't run Stupid Zombies. After 2.2 I've had numerous Force Close messages, numerous network errors, and I was unable to connect to my home wife, causing me to just go ahead and do a factory reset. Today the stupid home wifi problem returned, and nothing fixes it. I hate to have to yet another factory reset. I'm getting really tired of reinstalling apps. Tomorrow is day 29 since I bought the phone at Wal-Mart. I'm highly tempted to exchange it.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

Back up everything you can then do a factory reset.

I had trouble after 2.2 also, but a reset fixed it all right up.
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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...



 In my case, after I did the factory reset, the screen turned black. make things worse. ... 

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

After updating to 2.2, everything worked fine for a week.  But now, all of a sudden, if I have the GPS turned on, the phone starts vibrating and eventually locks and goes to black screen.  I end up having to do a hard reboot (power button & volume up) or removing the battery.  After starting, I need to turn off the GPS as quickly as possible.  With GPS turned off, everything runs fine.  Anyone else having a similar issue?

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

Since updating to Froyo I can no longer send MMS. I can receive...just can't send. Also, auto signature from built-in email no longer formats properly. Instead of:


Bob Smith

Sent from my Samsung Captivate on ATT


It now does:


Bob Smith Sent from my Samsung Captivate on ATT


MMS is not something I use all the time but I do use the email and it's annoying to be forced to correct the signature every email. Still does it even after I re-created the signature from scratch.


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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

Odd fix for MMS issues that I found on some other forums. Eliminate all () and - from your contact's mobile number. Example:


(415) 555-1234 - MMS fails


4155551234 - MMS works


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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

my phone is now killing my battery, vibrates after turning it off and putting it on will vibrate a minute after it has been pu on's deleted all the ("Dr.") prefixes for my doctors names in my contacts list...example Dr. Jacabs has become ALL my Dr. contacts!!!

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

Do you guys/gals have a Task Killer installed?


If you do, uninstall it. That could be the cause of a lot of your problems.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...


  • Screen randomly stops responding to touch (really great when you're in a meeting and can't turn an alarm off)
  • More dropped calls (which I honestly didn't think was possible)
I am so fed up with this P0S and AT&T's "support" that the ETF is looking better daily.


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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

I have been having the EXACT same problems.  The GPS thing is bizarre, I got a replacement phone through warranty and lo and behold, same issues.  Phone shuts down, have to remove battery/hard reboot to start it up again. I don't know if it's strictly an app or widget messing with it, but it seems like the GPS is the troublemaker.  They have got to do something about this.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

The resolution for me was to restore the phone back to default (which stayed at 2.2).  To reinstall my programs I used AppBrain.  Any pictures I had taken we not deleted.  I did need to manually put back most of my settings.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

I got a brand new phone through my warranty because it got really bad, but I am having the same issues even after starting over fresh. I'm wondering what sparks the issue.

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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

Mine is doing the same exact thing.  When it does work, it works beautifully.  That only lasts for maybe 6 hours or so.  Then I have all the problems you mentioned.  I when the screen unexpectedly goes black, it wont even allow me to reboot with the pinhole.  I have to remove the battery. 



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Re: Captivate 2.2 problems...

I have two Captivates in service, mine and my wife's phone.  I updated both and haven't had any issues that I'm aware of.  I do occasionally get a force close on a random app, but I got those with the Motorola Backflip android phone my Captivate replaced as well.  Overall I've have a wonderful experience with my Cappys.  I hope each of you find a way to resolve your issues, because the Captivate is an OUTSTANDING handset.  All you Apple fans can keep your IPhones, my Captivate is waaay better!

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