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Cant download all messages


Cant download all messages

i have a tilt, i just did a hard reset to clean up some crap i dont use anymore, i set up my gmail as i previously had w/the new account setup. i have it selected to download all messages, but it's only downloading the messages in the last 30 days from my gmail server, i have pop 3 enabled and have looked over everything i can think of, anyone else have any suggestions on how to get all my  mail downloaded? i'm using the original 6.0 rom fyi. thx
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Re: Cant download all messages

anyone able to help me on this?
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Re: Cant download all messages

Hi brian7778! I suggest calling “A.T.&T. Customer Care” 1-800-331-0500. Also, check out this link:

Good Luck! Charles Junior.

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