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Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi


Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

When I try to sign up for an AT&T data plan, after selecting "Cellular Data/View Account" I get the error "Your account type does not support the view account feature (H5006)."


I'm the original owner, have an AT&T SIM (removed, reinserted, powered off/on) and haven't tried to sign up for a data plan yet.  Am I doing something wrong?  Suggestions?  Thanks.

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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

It may be a bad SIM.  Go to an ATT corporate store and get a new SIM as a starting point.


For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500

Information on iPhone unlocking can be found here by copying this link into your browser:
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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

I have the iPad2 with 3g service working but get the same error as you. I went to my local AT&T Store and had a new sim card installed w/out any luck. I still get this error and they are suppose to look into this some more. Glad i am not the only person getting this error. 


They called Apple iPad support and they said this is definitely an AT&T issue.

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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

same problem, anyone knows how to deal with this?

PSSmiley Very Happyoes the data plan start from the activation time or the purchase time? I am tired with this problem, can I just cancel the data plan??

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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

This probably means you are using a postpaid plan (they probably forced you to get one at Best Buy, etc). You need to call and cancel it.

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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

It positively means you are on a POSTPAID Data Plan.

I just spent 1 hr at an ATT store getting my POSTPAID Data Plan changed to

a Prepaid just so I could manage it myself.

In short ATT needed to completely DELETE my POSTPAID account and 

replace the SIM with a brand new one.

Not sure I needed to but a RESET was also done to the device at the time

of the SIMM replacement.

I can now manage my iPad data plan from the iPad and also

I think a LOT of folks ordering the iPads from the ATT website

will fall into this situation. ATT is setting them up preactivated on


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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

Same exact thing here. Here's my story:


I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with AT&T -- not on hold, mind you - that's how long it took them to figure it out - through the course of talking to 4 different people. Seriously, it sounded like I was the first person who ever needed to do this, and it was like I was asking them to cancel my old pager account and port that number to my iPhone or something - not 1 of them knew what was going on; and I even knew exactly what I needed them to do - cancel my Postpaid account on the iPad, and set up a new Prepaid account with my existing phone account. But for some reason it completely perplexed them. And at the end, the CS agent said something about shipping charges for the new SIM she was sending out; luckily for her, before I could say anything, she said she would waive the charge. I told her (and 1 or 2 of the previous agents I talked to) that they really need to streamline the whole process - it shouldn't be so difficult.


And I had already called earlier today, and I was told I could manage the whole thing on my iPad, even though I told her that I had bought it through AT&, and it wasn't connected to my phone account (which she should have known meant that it was Postpaid, but she instructed me as though it was prepaid).


It really sucks that AT&T is able to so easily make these very well-designed devices work like crap. If I had bought my iPad at the Apple store instead of directly from AT&T, it would have come with a SIM ready for me to set up right on the iPad, and manage my data account myself. Instead, AT&T decided they would manage the account on a random new phone number that was in no way affilliated with my existing AT&T account, and which was nearly impossible to cancel. It's really too bad this version of the iPad isn't compatible with Verizon, cuz there's a good chance I'd be making the switch if it were. That was horrible. And I bet they'll charge me for the 46 minute call on my iPhone.

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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

Switching from Postpaid to Prepaid
I found the following thread online that discusses switching your iPad account from postpaid to prepaid. It's talking about an original iPad, but the same issue could apply. (It looks like the clearance iPads AT&T has been selling came with postpaid accounts, not pre-paid accounts.)

I followed the instruction step by step from that post and my AT&T 3G iPad is now with prepaid plan. I don't understand why AT&T forced their customers who purchased 3g ipad to pre-setup for postpaid plan. It is totally wrong. I want prepaid because it is charged to my credit card and I can sign up and cancel via my iPad as i want. With postpaid plan, customers need to call AT&T and go through credit check process first and also need to contact AT&T if I want to cancel my data service. Furthermore, prepaid is better for me because I will have a new 30-day period to use my 2 gb data when I decide to add more data later. With the postpaid plan, u will get charged $10 per each new GB used over the allowance, but you only have the remaining days from the original 30-day period to use that GB, not a brand new 30-day comparing to the prepaid plan.

Hope it helps.
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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

The link in your message does not work.

I'll assume you meant:


PS. You're welcome, glad someone else was spared the grief I went through.

PPS. I received a bill for the cancelled POSTPAID plan which I only used 3MB.
I called support and explained I switched from the unwanted Postpaid plan to

a Prepaid plan and they credited the bill for the cancelled account for the full amount.

Interestingly there was an additional $1.83 in fees on the $14.99 250MB Postpaid

bill. There are no additional fees on the $14.99 or $25 Prepaid plans.

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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

Yes, that's the link I meant to put.   I believe it got messed up during cut and paste.   Thank you very much for your help.  Your step by step instruction is the only good answer from the whole wide internet.  I have been searching the answer about "Your account type does not support the view account feature (H5006)" error and got no where until I saw your post.  


Oh, prepaid is way better, I had my AT&T 2GB postpaid plan by default  because I got my ipad from AT&T and AT&T charged me extra $4.5 for additional fee.  The fine print said it is required for postpaid.  It's similar to those extra fees and charges that we all need to pay on your cellphone bills.  And they can not even tell me what is that for, only said it's government charges and miscellaneous charges.  It is ridiculous.  


Postpaid plan is actually $29.5 and the prepaid plan is only $25.  I know it depends on how much data we use to determine which plan is best for us, but it is obvious that the prepaid plan is much better and cheaper than postpaid if our usage is less than 2GB for each 30-day period.   Plus, we can activate and cancel the prepaid plan as we want right at our iPad.  For postpaid plan, customers are required to contact AT&T to go through credit check before postpaid plan activation.  Also, customers need to call AT&T to cancel.  It takes the independence and fun away from iPad and adds trouble time on the phone with the AT&T CSR.  


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Re: Cannot sign up for AT&T data plan - iPad 3G/WiFi

It took m 6 phones and almost 4 hours on the phone to get mine converted to prepaid. Be sure to tell ATT that you want to switch from post paid to prepaid. They will need to cancel postpaid account, set up and issue new sim card which will then need to be activated.
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