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Cannot set soundboard clips as notification -Infuse 4g


Cannot set soundboard clips as notification -Infuse 4g

I just purchased the phone Friday.  I have been downloading soundboards to use clips as default notifications.  I hold down the particular button and it tells me it has been set successfully. However, when I receive a message it goes back to the default droid sound.  Not real sure what to do at this point.  

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Re: Cannot set soundboard clips as notification -Infuse 4g

Find out wherever the application has the sound files on the sd card. Then in the root of the sd card create the following folders. After the folders are created, move the sound files to the appropriate folders. The sound files will automatically be listed in the notification ringtone list selection.

/ media / audio / ringtones
/ media / audio / notifications
/ media / audio / alarms
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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