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Cannot send or receive


Cannot send or receive

As a consultant, clients cannot call or text me at San Jose, California.  Calls automatically go into voice mail and I do not receive notification until end of day (5 to 8 hours later).  Clients complain.  I explain wireless signal reception is one or zero bar.  Japanese cannot believe phone and text reception is poor at Silicon Valley, the high-tech center of USA!  I first called AT&T tech support back on Feb. 2010 and many times since.  Only useful recommendation is shutting-off and restart cell phone regularly.  Finally, I figured out that there are too many smartphone or iPAD users clogging the airwaves.  Voice and text have difficulties getting connected.  Problem is worse by June 2011.  Tech Support cannot help and recommends to call National Compliance Center or email AT&T for a reply.  Cannot email AT&T with help from Tech Support so I post message hoping for response.


Recommendation: AT&T does not automatically forward in-coming calls into Voicemail but first notify callers: "Due to high volume traffic, call may not be received by cell-phone for many hours.  Sorry for delay.".  This way, we do not have to explain to bewildered callers.

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Re: Cannot send or receive

My mother's,  phone has been having the same problem. We worry about her health and when she doesn't answer the phone, we have to drive clear across town to check in on her.  She says that she's by the phone and has not received any calls.  Of course there is no indication on her phone that we've been calling her almost 100 times....The customer service was not able to come to any conclusion as to why this is happening except to shut down our phones on a regular basis...

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