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Cannot send or receive text messages on 4S...


Cannot send or receive text messages on 4S...

Hello, I am a new iPhone customer. Received my 4S on Friday after pre-ordering from ATT on the 7th. Had no problems activating and can send and receive calls just fine. I cannot, however, send text messages or receive any from anyone other than ATT. It shows that I send them, but the people never receive them. Likewise, people have told me they sent me texts that I never received. I have only gotten the free messages from ATT.


ATT chat yesterday told me this was a known problem, however, I haven't been able to find other cases posted in this forum or elsewhere online so I was curious if it is just me or if others who recently activated their phones are having the same issue. Hoping for a solution soon!


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Cannot send or receive text messages on 4S...

I had the same issue with my text messaging plan being dropped.  I ordered my iPhone 4S through AT&T (and I waited two weeks for it while my friends that didn't pre-order just walked into Apple stores to buy theirs - but that's another story) and activated it online.  Everything about my plan should have stayed the same, but for some reason my text messaging plan vanished.   A very nice customer support rep added it back in, but I still went a whole day unable to send texts and had to waste time on the phone because of AT&T's mistake.  As usual, the problem was AT&T and not Apple.  So before anyone else with this issue blames iOS, just log into you account online and make sure there is still a text messaging plan associated with your line.

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Re: Cannot send or receive text messages on 4S...

I checked my account and sure enough, I didn't have a message choice selected.  I selected my choice, waited about 45 minutes, and was able to begin texting again.

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Re: Cannot send or receive text messages on 4S...

People aren't receiving text messages because they don't have a text plan?  If you don't have a text plan shouldn't you be defaulted into the Pay Per Use Messaging Plan and still send/receive texts but be charged per text?


I just got rid of my unlimited texting plan because it's ridiculous to pay $20 a month for the 5 texts I send a month.  But now that I'm on the Pay Per Use Messaging Plan I can no longer send or receive text messages.  If this is because I "got rid of my text plan" I am going to be very unhappy.  What else is the Pay Per Use plan for?


If someone could shed some light on this I'd appreciate it greatly.



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Re: Cannot send or receive text messages on 4S...

The only way you aren't getting text messages, is if you have them blocked. I have never had a text messaging plan and get texts all the time.
Contact Customer Service and see if somehow your texts are blocked.
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Re: Cannot send or receive text messages on 4S...

try this it worked for me : go to the dialer and type in this number : *5005*7672*+13123149810# then hit call. this resets the sms center on your phone (what a rep told me). go to the text app and send text to 151 and see if it works. good luck!

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