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Cannot download picture messages


Cannot download picture messages

so I have a motorola razor, and everytime someone sends me a picture message and I try to download it, I get an error message saying "Unable to download... try again later."   Is there anyway I can get these pictures to work?
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Re: Cannot download picture messages

sounds like the multimedia message feature may not be on the acct
call customer service to make sure it is there
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Re: Cannot download picture messages

For picture messages to work you need to have 3 feautures provisioned and working properly: text messaging, multimedia messaging, and media net.  If one of these features is not provisioned correctly MMS won't work.

If unable to send or receive a picture message (MMS), troubleshoot accordingly

  1. Attempt to connect to MEdia Net on the device. Connectivity to MEdia Net confirms the device has enough signal strength and GPRS availability to send and receive MMS.
  2. Verify MMS is being sent to an AT&T subscriber. If MMS message is being sent to someone other then an AT&T wireless services subscriber, verify that the carrier is supported.
  3. Picture messaging settings are pre-configured on all devices purchased from AT&T. If the settings have been altered or if the device was not purchased from AT&T, validate picture message settings are properly configured.
  4. Attempt to send an MMS again.
  5. If further assistance is required, please contact Customer Care.
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