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Cancelled all AT&T Services Today - It feel GREAT

Cancelled all AT&T Services Today - It feel GREAT

Shame on me for allowing AT&T to string me along for so long, but no more.  As a long time customer, I am happy to part ways.  Go figure, something about sitting home waiting for the Tech to show up for my "anytime between 8am and 8pm" appointment, only to get a recorded message call at 6:30pm saying they weren't going to make it, just didn't work for me.  That was the first time, the second time it happened, I was just ticked.  Maybe it was also the 3 times Techs did manage to make it (starting in March 2011) and weren't able to fix the problem; each having a different reason for the problem.  Hard to decide....was it more being on hold for 45 mins at a time, speaking to individuals who could not converse clearly in business English, that they refused to transfer me to supervisors sometimes, or cut me off? 


Does it matter?  It did to me, it doesn't anymore, and it never did to AT&T. 

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Re: Cancelled all AT&T Services Today - It feel GREAT

Congratulations!  They have truly terrible service and I have no doubt that your life will be better and less stressful now that you don't have to deal with them anymore. 

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