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Canadian service


Canadian service

I have homes in Toronto and in Orlando. While in Orlando, I use a pay-as-you go ATT service. Once I cross the border into Canada, I can't use this phone anymore - no service. My husband has the same kind of service in Orlando but with T-Mobile. When he is in Canada, he T-Mobile Nokia phone automatically roams here with a local provider (Rogers)


What gives? Any input appreciated





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Re: Canadian service

You need to get quad band phone that supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Thats the reason your husband getting service with his Nokia because it's quad band phone. 
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Re: Canadian service

I'll check it out but my phone is also a Nokia - in fact a bit more expensive than his (though both are cheap phones Smiley Happy



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Re: Canadian service

I am sorry, but Rogers Wireless in Canada uses the same frequencies as ATT and TMobile in the US (excluding the 3g service which only overlaps with ATT).  TMobile has prepaid roaming agreements for Canada.  ATT doesn't.  ATT prepaids roam in Mexico, but not Canada.  


ATT contract phones work fine (albeit expensively in Canada).  Even if you are a Canadian citizen, you might have to put a deposit on it, but you could probably get an ATT USA contract phone. In all honesty you are probably best with Verizon.  Verizon has a contract plan which covers both the US and Canada.  Unless you are very occasional users, this is a better deal.   ATT used to have good contract plans for Canada, but cancelled them after Cingular took over ATT.  


Several Canadian providers have plans which include US roaming, but IMHO they are far worse deals.  Later this year, Wind Mobile Canada will open its doors.  They are vowing to be more agressive than the current  flock of Canadian carriers.  Whether this happens, remains to be seen. 


If all you want is the same phone number in the US and Canada (and don't care about text messages), stop by your neighborhood Walgreens and buy a Magicjack.  For US$19, they will give you a USB VOIP phone jack with free call forwarding to the US or Canada.  When you are in the US, program it to ring to your US phone; when in Canada, program it to ring to a Canadian prepaid.  FIDO has a prepaid option with unlimited incoming calls in the GTA for $30 a month.   

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Re: Canadian service

Thanks for your most exhaustive and excellent reply! I knew it had to do something with ATT because recently a friend from L.A. was here and his phone didn`t work either. I`ll be in Orlando this week and will most definitely pick up the gizmo you mention - sounds mighty useful. I am both with FIDO (regular cell) and Rogers here in T.O. (my iPhone which I almost never use and plan to give to my daughter), sothe FIDO plan sounds great


Thanks once again!



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