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Canada and activated my GoPHONE account online


Canada and activated my GoPHONE account online

I am in Canada and activated my account online and everything went smoothly. When I tried to login to my account the site told me a sms was sent to me with a new account passcode. With the AT&T sim in my phone it just says its for emergency calls only and in the settings it does not say which network that it is connected to and I dont think the sms can be recieved while in Canada. Is there a way to get a new passcode from outside the US? I want to add funds to the account before going to the US.

Hello I am having trouble getting my new passcode that is sent by sms.


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Re: Canada and activated my GoPHONE account online

I suspect that you'll have to wait until you get a US signal, but try forcing your phone through manual network selections and see if you can connect on Bell or Telus's HSPA network if your phone is 3g.  It may be blasphemy to say this on an ATT forum, but unless you are looking for 3g data, you're better with TMobile.  Their prepaids work in Canada for roughly $0.45 a minute.  You won't want to use it as your main Canadian phone, but it means that you can do things like this from Canadian shores.  

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