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Can the support get any worse. 15+ yrs of att and i am about to pull the plug for Verizon


Can the support get any worse. 15+ yrs of att and i am about to pull the plug for Verizon

Let me start by saying, i am a pretty mellow person. I work in the IT field, and definietly understand outages and that things happen, but what has been happening to me here is just an unreal chain of events. I had a working ATT Microcell in my home for appx 6 months, life was good .

Late June, microcell quits working. Spend an hour on the phone with ATT support, they determine it needs replaced. new one is mailed out 2-5 business days .

Replacment Microcell arrives, go to activate it throught the website, and i get a message "this microcell is showing active on another account" (This is a replacement from ATT!!) Tech support says they dont know what happened, must have been a refurb that was never removed from an old account. Offer me to exchange it at a local ATT store.

July 1, i exchange at the local att store, actually an easy and pleasant transaction.  I take the device home, register it online, add my numbers, and it tells me activation successful...allow 90 minutes to complete.

That was 20 days ago, i have nothing.

5 calls to tech support, a promised callback with nothing, and case that was closed without contacting me. I can no longer access my 3g microcell settings even, i get the same error.

Talked for over an hour to tech support today, opening up another ticket....promised me a callback. I am not holding my breath. I am however researching moving my wireless lines to verizon. To make matters worse, my $140 phone bill arrived in the mail today, how ironic.

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Re: Can the support get any worse. 15+ yrs of att and i am about to pull the plug for Verizon

AT&T is getting worse and worse. I've been using their service for almost 10 years, now what? They ridiculously made a wrong calculation on the phone bill after combining my account with my girlfriend account, and no calls or anything to inform me that I "owed" them money, then a full year later, a debt collector called me saying that I owed ATT $70 bucks!


Come on! I've been using your service for how long? 10 years. I pay the bill every month in time. How would I owe you money for more than a year?


And, the time I was combining my account with my gf account, the ATT local store manager told me that a "huge bill" will apply to my new account, because my billing cycle was different from my gf's billing cycle. Well, I accepted it. Right after combining accounts, I paid $350 + $270 + $150 back to back in 7 days! I called ATT customer service, a lady told me that $350 covers the usages and some costs on my previous account and my gf's account. The $270 was for the "current" account and current month. The $150 was for the "next" month, because I need to pay in advance. OK, I'll take that. Then, a year later, $70 debt is on my name. What the heck was that? In the past whole year, no one contacted me in any form any method, I have paid my bill on time every month. Where the heck was that $70 from?


I called ATT to ask about that $70 debt, and they told me it is true - I did owe them money. {word filter evasion} Can you ATT be more ridiculous? You guys charged me $700 within a week, I didn't even get how you guys come up with that number. I paid, because I was tired of talking and dealing with phone calls, I didn't have time to call you ATT back and force. However, this doesn't mean you can charge me more money ridiculously.


I am telling everyone here, if you can, stay the * away from ATT. ATT is getting worse and worse. Just look at the surveys, ATT is ranked #1 worst national wireless service provider.

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