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Can't use new 4S iphone outside US


Can't use new 4S iphone outside US

Well my  niece got a G4 for her birthday which was bought in US for full price and there for was told its sim free and can be used with any sim outside US but it seems to be locked or something becouse it gets the following messege:


"Only compatible SIM cards from a supported Carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the Sim card that came with you iPhone or visit a supported Carrier's store to receive a replacement SIM card."


now that sim card seems to be of AT&T company which is in US while im in Israel and i cant seem to contact them becouse im not in US. so i dont rly know what to do, if anyone can help that would be grate.


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Re: Can't use new 4S iphone outside US

It sounds like you got a no contract phone instead of an unlocked phone. About the only thing you can do is take it back and exchange it. Neither ATT nor Apple will unlock a locked US iPhone.
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Re: Can't use new 4S iphone outside US

How did you buy the phone is it w/ ATT? Apple? Third party store/website or just to a random person?

And dwill05 is correct att and apple will never unlock a locked iPhone.
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