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Can't update my Samsung Focus

Can't update my Samsung Focus


I am having trouble updating my phone. The app marketplace now says I have 5 updates pending. Normally i would just tap the words 5 updates to update the apps. But nothing happens. The new mango update I got a few months back added a new feature on the marketplace, the search feature that pops up on the bottom of the screen and I think that is interfearing with where I would normally tap the screen as they are extremely close to one another. Either the search feature pops up, or I nothing happens update wise.  Please help!


I have OS version 7.10.7720.68

Firmware #  2103.11.8.1

Hardware Revision #



I tried the Zune setup. I tried calling customer service. Nothing works.


Is anyone else having this issue?


thanks in advance for any comments.

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