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Can't turn off WiFi on Laptop


Can't turn off WiFi on Laptop

My mom has At&T Wireless Service on her laptop.  She can't get into the internet.  When she called Technical support they told her that her WIFI was turned on.  My mom must have turned it on by accident.  They told her on the phone that she could try hitting F8 to turn it off.  This did not work.  They said that everyone's computer is different and they did not know how to tell her to turn off her WiFi so she could get into the internet.  Does anyone have any suggestions we could try.  I live about 2 hours away and she is not very computer literate.  Maybe someone has had this happen to them??  Also the way she described it was that the orange buttons were wrong in theAt&t square.  There was not 2 options like there usually is only one button that says connected.  She has tried to push this button but it does nothing.  ANY advise that could help mom out would be appreciatedSmiley Happy 

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Re: Can't turn off WiFi on Laptop

See if she can see any icons like one of these, probably on the top row above the number keys.  If so, she can just press it to toggle Wi-Fi off/on.


Or ask her to click on the icon in her bottom tray, near the time date (bottom right).  It usually looks like 5 bars* (as on a cell phone).

Look at the list of Wireless connections, she should see CONNECTED (for the name of one she is on); click on it and it will bring up a DISCONNECT button.  If she clicks that button, it should disconnect.

(this is using Windows 7, but similar for other late versions of Windows)

*edit to add possible Wi-Fi icons she might see here

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