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Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?


Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

Hello all, I just upgraded to a Pantech Impact a few days ago and I'm having problems sending text messages. I've been having the unlimited text plan for a while now, and this isn't my first phone having texting. My message center address is +{personal info removed for your safety}. My previous Pantech phone (a Slate) had no problems sending text messages and had the same message center number. I live in southern CA if that matters.


Sometimes I'll be able to send texts to other people, but I often cannot with a message: "Sending failed to (person's name)." It usually works ok after I turn off then on my phone, but the problem still occurs again. It also seems that I have more bars on my Slate then on my Impact... Some of my friends who also have this phone have the same problem too.


Any suggestions? If you need additional info. just post here and I'll reply. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

I am having this same issue with the Pantech Impact. Half of the time I can't send text messages unless my signal bars are really low, which makes no sense. I've never had a problem with any other phone's texting in the area I live in, and no one else in my home has this problem with their different models, their texting works just fine every time. It would be great to have this issue resolved, as my family has been a loyal customer of AT&T/ Cingular wireless for years, and we paid a lot for this phone and it's practically new. Thanks.

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

Exact same problem here.  I just got this phone and I love it, but I will be texting my wife just fine then all the sudden a text will give the fail message, once this happens it won't send texts for a long time then randomly will start working again.


What's the deal?

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

ok, so i think i have an answer to this. yes i have a pantech impact and i am dealing with the same issues

here are basic issues:

1. phone will not send messages unless rebooted. reboots by itself.



so i think i have an answer to this. usually, this happens to me after putting down my phone for over an hour - 2 hours without using it at all (not the shutting down part, thats while looking at my contacts.)


so i think after a while it just gets "lazy" and to save power it disconnects from at&t for a bit, and that just wont let you send messages after because it needs to be re-loaded

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

I just picked one of these up for a second line and I'm having the same trouble.  Anybody figured out a solution?  

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

i see people with my phone having this problem... finally. Ok i have had 3 lg xenons, 1 impact, 4 sim cards, and 3 cases filed in 9 months. we cant fidgure this one out. I think its the network. Does anyone have an answer?

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

My pantech impact suddenly stopped sending and receiving texts. It would go through the process but never finish. It would just take me back to my message. I never turn my phone off. After a few days I decided to turn my phone off and back on to reboot the software. It worked. I also hear that taking the sim card out and replacing it will also fix power problems with cell phone. In this case I didn't have to go that far.

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

FINALLY, somebody is having the same issue as I am. I picked this phone up quickly without looking at the others.

Big mistake.

My messages send and I constantly have to reboot all the time, I have been through 2 of these phones and they all do it. I've resorted to picking up a prepaid phone and insterting my sim card into it because my impact doesnt work. the phone is a piece of junk....  Now im screwed with a trac fone and a phone i paid 80$ for that i cant even use. Could At&t somehow get me a new phone model? My warrenty has expired and yes i do have insurance on it. Please answer Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

Hey everyone,


I think i have the answer to your problems.

I also have a pantech impact and recently discoverd how to fix this problem.


The answer is that you have to master clear your phone(whcih you can do directly from your phone).

Before you do this thouhgh, if you want to save all your contacts so that after the phone has been cleared that they're still there you have to move and copy all your contacts to your sim card that's in the back of your phone.

Here are some steps you need to take to do all  of this.


1 go to menu

2 address book

3 contacts

4 options

5 copy and move

6 copy all to phone


Thats how you get all your contacts to the sim card


now for clearin


1 menu

2 settings

3 reset

4 (enter the pass code. if you havnt set one the passcode is usaully 1234, if that doesnt work try 0000 and if that doesnt work the last four didets of your phone number.)

5 master clear

 itl have a messae saying that everything is goin to be put back to the original settings and all that.

You phone is goin to be cleared and then rebooted.

itl turn back on and then ur done. if you go check your contacts they should all be there.


This is a good solution and the only one i know of. Your pictures thouhg will be gone as well as the saved messages you've sent. you'll notice that the phone will be like it was when you first got it. This not only helps the phone to actually send your messages.. but your service will be stronger. This kind of thing usually happens to phones that you've had for a while bc it gets backed up and all that. Hopes this all works for you guys too. It did for meSmiley Happy

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

One thing I found out on mine is that if your Message Center address is incorrect it will give you text problems. For current or new AT&T customers it's going to be  +13123149810  and for old AT&T Wireless customers it's  +19703769301. You have to have the "+" in front of the number for it to work. Go to your text message settings and make sure the right Message Center Address is shown. Might save you from having to master-reset your phone.



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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

This solution will work much more simply...

Simply go to MENU/ SETTINGS/ RESET, then select MASTER RESET... (You will not lose any personal data, nothing lost, and the text message problem will be resolved)

(Disregard the copying or moving contacts to sim, or if you want to be super dooper sure you won't lose contacts, go ahead, save them to your sim before using the master reset fix.)   

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Re: Can't send texts on my Pantech Impact?

I just thought I'd better make it clear... Do not select Master Clear, select Master Reset, which only resets the phone to default settings.  If you select Master Clear, you will "clear" all your data, pictures, etc... 

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