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Can't send or recieve international MMS picture messages to the UK (AT&T to TMobile UK)


Can't send or recieve international MMS picture messages to the UK (AT&T to TMobile UK)

I can't send MMS texts to a friend in the UK on T-Mobile UK, and have been trying for months to figure out what the problem is.
Regular SMS texts go thruogh fine, just MMS do not.
If an MMS is sent from the UK, I get a text telling me that I have to go to to retrieve it.
If I send a text to a friend in the UK- they sometimes get a similar text, asking them to go to a webpage to retrierve it, but usually they won't get anything at all.
I am only trying to send pics that are under 100kb in size.


Currently using:
iPhone 4S- locked to AT&T with data plan and 200 text plan
A new sim card from AT&T
Recently upgraded to IOS 5.1.1, set it up as a "new phone", MMS to the UK still not working
Also tried resetting the network connections multiple times, rebooting, etc.


What has also NOT worked:
Putting my sim in other phones to see if I could get a message through
-my iPhone 4 (locked to AT&T) that I no longer use, and the same thing happens
-the other phone on my account (locked to AT&T) a Samsung Rugby, the same thing happens
-my old iPhone 3G unlocked, the same thing happens
-an unlocked Motorola Razr, no luck
-my old Palm Treo from when my account was with Cingular, no luck


What HAS worked:
-the same iPhone 3G from before, using a T-Mobile US sim
-unlocked the same iPhone 4, and used a T-Mobile UK sim

After multiple calls to AT&T tech support, I now have a case open.
The last rep told me that T-Mobile UK is not on the list of supported carriers.
According to THIS page, it is. 


There are other threads here where people were having the same problem, but no clear answer if or how they got it fixed.


Any ideas?

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