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Can't register device - AT&T blames ISP


Can't register device - AT&T blames ISP

I receive error 302 when attempting to activate.  AT&T "support" blames ISP but can not provide any technical details on what settings are needed.


Any suggestions?


The 3gmicrocell  is connected directly to the dsl modem with a 6MB download/.5MB upload speed.  All firewall/security setting are turned off on the dsl modem.




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Re: Can't register device - AT&T blames ISP

Call AT&T back. You'll talk to someone else and get a different story.


I'm serious.


You never get the same answer twice. Keep calling until you get the one you want.


Meanwhile, the answer you need is that the Microcell doesn't do anything tremendously exotic that any reasonable NAT router wouldn't handle properly by default. It asks for a DHCP lease, does standard DNS querying, opens a single HTTP over SSL connection, does NTP over port 123, and does IPSEC tunneling over UDP exactly like a run of the mill L2TP VPN connection.

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Re: Can't register device - AT&T blames ISP

This thread indicated a firewall issue.


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