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Can't get email on 3GS


Can't get email on 3GS

Hello everyone,


I was wondering if anyone could offer me some help.


Recently, starting about last week, I would go to check my email.  However, when I would check it, it was say "checking for email" and the little pinwheel would spin on the bottom of the screen, and it would do this continuously without finding any emails.


I then turned off my phone, and when it started back up, my emails would be there, however when I would delete them, the phone would say I still had emails to view, even though I didn't.


Again, after that, I would check my email, and again it would just say it was constantly checking with no results.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!






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Re: Can't get email on 3GS


What e-mail service are you using?  Gmail, Yahoo, etc?  It sounds like your e-mail settings may be incorrect, so it may help to remove the e-mail account from your iPhone, then re-add it again.

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Re: Can't get email on 3GS

I don't know what Firmware you are on, but I had 4.0.2 and I had issues with Email and once I updated to 4.1 the problems went away.  Try deleting all your email accounts and re add them.  That was a fix for awhile for me before the update.

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