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Can't connect to 3G in 3G coverage area


Can't connect to 3G in 3G coverage area

I have a Option GT Max 3.6 card, were under the unlimited data plan.  Even though we are in the 3g coverage area, zip 72206, we can't get 3g on the card, only EDGE.  I have a blackjack for work and it always displays 3g and gets btwn 450-900kbps at home.  So, for some reason the card is not receiving the 3g signal.  I have talked to tech support ran through all the trouble shooting options, even though most of them are on line and I already tried.  They replaced the sim card, but no change.
Could  this be the card itself?  Anyone else have any issues like this?  Even when we take it into the city it is the same, the CCM does not display 3G and when I go to Tools/GSMInfo/Network the network is defined as EDGE.
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