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Can't call other line on account


Can't call other line on account

I had my numbers ported from Tmobile last Monday, 3-28-11. Since then, I can call anybody, receive calls from anybody except from the other line on my account. I feel like I am getting the runaround from customer service. I was told that there was an April 1st date for resolution, today is 4-2 and I still can't call my wife and she can't call me. We can text each other. However, because of her eyesight, that's not really an option. I have cycled both phones many times. They are both LG neon 2's. I have unlocked Treo 750's and have put my SIM cards in them with the same results. That leads me to believe that the problem lies with the tech department and not the phones. I have received only one call from customer service regarding this and that was when I was on one line and that CS (customer service) wanted to call me on the other line. My case is in department of tech support which is supposedly uncontactable. I was told that if I don't hear from tech support today, 4-2, to contact CS again. This doesn't even touch the trouble and time involved in just getting the phones to begin with. I do want to state however, that with whomever I have talked to, they have been wonderfully respectful with conversing with me. Smiley Happy  No complaint's there at all. Any suggestions?

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Re: Can't call other line on account

This could be either technical problem or the porting hasnt been completed, sometimes the porting can take awhile, but your case is weird, i think you should call cust service (611 from your cell or 1 800 331 0500 from another phone) and explain your situation, and maybe ask to call to the porting department, maybe they have some info about it, and if not, they can transfer you to their tech support...


I dont know why, but my thoughts is that the porting hasnt been completed, but is just my idea...


Call them up, im sure they can help you out..! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Can't call other line on account

Tech support called Tmobile, with me listening in, and Tmobile confirmed that my Tmobile account has been closed. Tmobile even repeated the process to make sure. Right now, this issue is currently being "looked at" at a tech level that I cannot be put in contact directly with. I did recieve a text message from tech support yesterday 430pm on my wife's phone stating that they were still working on this. This is just really frustrating. Thank you.

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