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Can't access to some websites


Can't access to some websites

I just had an almost 1 hour online chat with AT&T, but they couldn't solve my problem.


There are a few sites that I can't open with Safari on my iPhone.  I can with Wi-Fi, but not with 3G.  I went to Apple store yesterday and was told that AT&T is blocking these sites, but today AT&T tells me to call Apple 800 number.  This is exactly the problem I have and I tried 3 things that are mentioned here.;txt#comments

Turning on and off airplane mode seemed to work once.  I had an access to the sites for a few days and it went back to not accessable again.


Are there anyones who has a same issue, or any advices?


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Re: Can't access to some websites

What your experiencing and what the site is describing are not the same.  The site talks about not being able to get to random sites on BOTH cellular data and WiFi.  Your problem sounds like its only certain sites specifically and only on cellular data.


You will need to provide some of the site web addresses so we can see if we are having the same issues or not.


It could very well be a DNS issue on ATT's side due to the proxy server.

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Re: Can't access to some websites


They are both Japanese sites.


The message I get from Safari is:

Cannot Open Page

Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding.



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Re: Can't access to some websites

I just tried both sites and they are working for me on 3G only with WiFi turned off.  First I would try going to:

Settings > Safari - And clear your cookies and cache for the browser.


My second guess would have been your actually just having data connection problems in your location but if you can access other sites when this is happening to just these at the same time then that would rule that out.





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Re: Can't access to some websites

Thanks for testing, Planet-Ed.

You did access to the sites, so I guess t's not the websites which have problems (sigh..)


I've already cleared history, cookies and cache reset network settings, by myself and with AT&T staff.  The staff gave up on me by saying he doesn't have tools or references to solve this issue.


Thanks anyway Smiley Happy

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Re: Can't access to some websites

Where are you located in the US?  The last possibility I can think of is it could be a proxy server issue for your region.  Maybe someone is the same area that you are can try.


It would have been easier if that error was happening randomly on all websites and not just a select few.  Randomly on all websites would have pointed to a network connectivity issue.

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Re: Can't access to some websites

Thanks for your time to try to help me out.  I live in Quincy, MA.  I have a friend who has iPhone and lives in next town (close enough?).  I am seeing her on Thursday, so I'll ask her to check those sites.


Unfortunately, the problem doesn't happen randomly.  Strange thing is that there were five days or so that I was able to access the sites.

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Re: Can't access to some websites

FWIW, I accessed the sites with wifi off, no problem. But I'm no where near you. I'm in Ft. Worth TX. Are you in an Edge only area, or do you have 3G? Not sure if that would make a difference. I just noticed it took longer than usual to load those pages. Maybe it was timing out on edge.

Sorry, you stated you are on 3G. (I reread your post)
Not sure what the prob would be.
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Re: Can't access to some websites

I live in washington dc aand was able to access both sites with the wifi turned off.  I am on 3G
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Re: Can't access to some websites

I can not access with my Iphone, or my AT&T wireless USB modem.  My kids DSi is not working on Hatena Flipnote and now I know why.  

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Re: Can't access to some websites

I had same problem too.  I can't access some websites when I used laptop and iphone at Starbuck AT&T wifi locations at CA, USA (for example: the website of May I know the problems come from ATT sites block or weak wifi wave or website error.  I do not take advantage of ATT, I just want to clarify the problem. Thanks.

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Re: Can't access to some websites

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