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Can't Send/Receive MMS - bad sim?


Can't Send/Receive MMS - bad sim?

Recently I've been having issues sending or receiving MMS.  When I try to send one, it will just hang until the exclamation mark pops up and fail to go through.  When my friends send me an MMS, I don't receive it.  I tried resetting network settings and restarting my phone but that didn't help.


What I discovered is that when I take out my sim card, wipe it down (not sure if this step is what is helping specifically), and pop it back in, I can send MMS again and all the MMS and voicemails that I was supposed to get in the past few days all magically pop up.  After this, MMS will work for a while until I realize that it stopped working again.


Is my sim card messed up and needs to be replaced or is it the phone itself having issues?

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Re: Can't Send/Receive MMS - bad sim?

I'd start with the SIM - get it swapped, If after that you see the same issues, its time to visit the Apple store.
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