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Can't Print AND be Connected to Internet...USBConnect Mercury


Can't Print AND be Connected to Internet...USBConnect Mercury



I am using a USBConnect Mercury card on a ThinkPad Win XP SP3 machine and have both ACM (6.8.104) and the Watcher installed.  Basically what I am trying to figure out is how can I print to my WiFi Canon MP560 which is connected to a Linksys wireless G router and be connected to the web at the same time.  When you launch ACM it aces out my Intel wifi card and sees my GSM device as well as my home network with no problem.  Both connect fine individually but if I connect to both simultaneously my connection to the internet is lost.  I often print documents from a particular website where I am culling through data...sometimes I print sometimes I don't so I need the printer live and available without disconnecting and re-connecting every time I want to print.  Add saving to a PDF for a batch print later is unacceptable.


Is there some work around for this?  My printer does not support an 'ad-hoc' connection so that's not an option and I really don't want to use a 3G router because I am on the go all the time. 


I guess what it comes down to is can you connect to two wireless networks at one time?  Thanks...

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Re: Can't Print AND be Connected to Internet...USBConnect Mercury

The short answer is no.   


I know that you mentioned you didn't want a 3G router, but that may be your only option.   When you are on the road, you just pull the modem out and take it with you.   There are several 3G Routers that would replace your Linksys and do a great job for a house or office.  


If you need to take the printer with you when you travel, some of them are pocket sized, there is even one router (PHS300) that has a battery that will operate for a couple of hours without being plugged in.   I have a friend who uses one with a car cord in the car to charge and has an AC charger at home and the office.   He is one of those guys that has got to stay connected all the time.  


Once connected, you should be able to print at whim from any computer on the network, web pages, saved documents etc.  


Good luck

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