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Can't Delete Contacts - Captivate w/Froyo


Can't Delete Contacts - Captivate w/Froyo

I have contacts on my phone that are either linked to my google account (which are the contacts I want to keep) or on the phone itself. When I try to delete the contact "on the phone" it states I cannot delete because they're read-only and then "hides" the contact (from view/on screen).


How do I:

Delete a contact that is "on the phone only"

Do I reset my phone contact list so that it is not read-only

How do I view those contacts that are now "hidden", yet in my contact list on the phone.


I've spent way too much time on the phone with support (both ATT and Samsung) and they tell me the only way is to do a hard reboot and I believe there has to be another way!




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