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Can i use data block to get out of paying for a data plan?


Can i use data block to get out of paying for a data plan?

no one on my plan needs/wants a data plan.  You don't need it to download widgets, or use the gps (yes i know you lose the fast locking agps), and they give these phones wifi for a reason.


i know if you bring in an out of network or unsubsidized phone (legend, NexusOne) you can call ATT and use the data block feature to get out of getting smacked with a data plan.  What about an Aria or other smartphone device that att has closer ties with?


i'd even consider paying the unsubsidized price on the phone to get this benefit.


i really don't see how its legal for them (or any of the other carriers) to forcefully charge me for a service i have no desire to use.

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Re: Can i use data block to get out of paying for a data plan?

Actually an update to my last post and more questions...



I just checked my phone for memory usage on the downloads I mentioned... it stands at apx 4 megs plus a partial update of a program that is 7 megs total ( so the update should have been much less )... well below the 22.5 megs I see listed in my usage on the non-data phone / sim.


To add to that, for yesterday on the data enabled sim and non-data sim... the total usage is listed as 37.9 MB...  more than 30 MB larger than !!!



The problem is that the listed data use far and away exceeds what seems possible based on what appears to have been downloaded... but when I look at the usage page e.g. for the non-data phone it doesn't provide ANY detail i.e. it claims there was a single connection that sucked down 22.5 megs...


So does ANYONE know how / where to get a detailed listing from AT&T so I can see what they believe I downloaded / what accounts for the 30 MB or more of missing data... as opposed to the single "wap.cingular" listing... I mean - any decent commercial proxy keeps track of such things ?



Along the same lines... the sims for the 2 phones were switched at one point and I was wondering if anyone knows if AT&T tracks soley based on the sim code / id or is it a combinate of sim and phone id ?   I'm guessing the former but am curious if this crazy bill I am seeing is somehow due to moving sims between phones and their system fouling things up ?



Thanks in advance !





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Re: Can i use data block to get out of paying for a data plan?

Yet another update...


I got in touch with customer service again and spoke with another representative ( Josh ) and explained what happened / what I think happened the other day with the data use... he was NOT able to provide a detailed list of where / what the downloads were i.e. his console was showing the same that the website was with only the proxy listed...


That is the downside, not being able to figure out where the darn phone connected to that resulted in the much larger data use than I calculated after the fact...


The upside is that he did take the time to speak and listen to me and what happened... and in the end he said he could switch the plan / records with a back-date for the current cycle so that it would bill at the current ( as of July 6 2009 ) $2 per MB amount for a total extra charge of $44 this month ( instead of $230 I was originally quoted by the other rep )... or switch-over the phone over - again a back dated change - to the $15 / 200 MB month plan...


In the end, I chose the $15 / 200 MB per month so as to avoid any future surprise...



Anyway... YAY (!)... and thank you Josh for your help in this matter!






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Re: Can i use data block to get out of paying for a data plan?

Sorry to hear your trouble with data. I can tell you that if you're not careful, the Android phones can easily access hundreds of MBs of data per day. That's not just the things you download. Most apps are pretty chatty with the internet without actually need you to initiate any download.


IMO, that's exactly why AT&T forces everyone with a smartphone to buy a data plan -- to avoid supprise data charges.


I'd suggest you put a data block on any line that does not have a data plan. Almost all phones, not just smart phones, can access internet now.

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