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Can I swap numbers with a pay-as-you-go phone?


Can I swap numbers with a pay-as-you-go phone?

Here's my situation. My friend has a really unique phone number that he's willing to give up and I'd like to use. The number is almost all repeating digits (XXX-XXXZ) so it would come in handy with my business plans because I'd like an easily remembered phone number. This number currently resides on a pre-paid SIM card.


Anyway, so right now, I have just one phone on my plan and the number I've been using for many years. As a result, my current number has been given to old friends and family members and has also been used for countless accounts and other related items.


My idea is to port my current number off of my account and onto a pre-paid phone...just some cheap device that I can leave running for a few months while I collect any potential missed calls, etc. In the same transaction, I'd like to know if it's possible to port in this new number that is already on a pre-paid device to become my new main number? I've already checked the status of the number at AT&T's website to verify that the number I'm inquiring about is available to port and it is.


I just wanted to know if it were that easy or do I have to do a number change first to get my old number out and then ANOTHER number change to get the new number in??


In either case, what are the potential fees for this and what's the best way to approach this plan?

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