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Can I cancel my pre-order?

Can I cancel my pre-order?

I preordered on the 7th aroudn 8 PM EST, so my phone will not be arriving today, and the order status still says processing/backordered. I just got off the phone with the local AT&T store, and they said I could not cancel my preorder and pick up a phone in stores this afternoon, when I was under the impression that was possible... Can anyone please help to clarify this? Thanks!

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Re: Can I cancel my pre-order?

Yes I preordered bc i was promised that I would receive it today and it turns out false. After many calls and such and being jerked by the sales department I was able to cancel the pre order and had my eligibility restored. I then went and got my iphone from teh store locally here in northern virginia. Yes it is possible but only teh sales department and can cancel and they may say it' going to take 30 days don't buy it. they can submit a request call the icuk or something along that line that can restore your eligibility status and u can get your phone in the store like i did.
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Re: Can I cancel my pre-order?

Well I just went into the store and talked to the manager, and told her how I was told when preordering that I could cancel the order any time before it SHIPPED, and she gave me a load of crap about it being before it was PROCESSED. How the h*ll can they not cancel the order of a phone before it is even made?!  Rest assured that I am done with AT&T. Not because I didn't get my phone today, but because of their terrible customer service, especially considering the fact that they flat out lied to me...

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Re: Can I cancel my pre-order?

same dilemna here, I just pre ordered and can't cancel it. I am so mad with at&t now that I'm thinking of moving to verizon. there customer service is the worst specially with this bull crap they have about not being able to cancel a pre ordered item. if they can't handle the demand then they might as well close business.****they even had the audacity to tell me I can't post because of words I had to use that hurts there feelings!

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