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Can I buy a microsim?


Can I buy a microsim?

If I already have an account with AT&T, and buy an iPhone 4 on eBay etc. can I buy a microsim with my same number on it just by walking in the store?

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Re: Can I buy a microsim?

You should be able to buy a micro sim from AT&T. All they would need to do is set up your sim to your account and then activate the phone. Best bet is to do this in the store.

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Re: Can I buy a microsim?

According to what I have read online, a micro sim is the same as a regular sim card just cut smaller... here are some instructions from a adapter I found on ebay...


You can also cut a regular sized SIM Card to be the size of a Micro SIM Card and use it in the iPad or iPhone 4G. ( Instructions Included with Purchase)

Everyone Else:

This Adapter can be used in any device that accept 3G SIM Card, not just the iPhone, such as:
Wireless Router
3G USB Modem
Any 3G Cell Phone
Laptop with Sim card slot

How to make a Micro sim from regular sim card

Paste the label with dotted line on the back of your regular sim card
Cut your sim card along the dotted line to get a standard micro sim card
This micro sim card can be used in your iPad and iPhone 4G

How to restore your regular sim card

Paste the rest label on the adapter
Insert the micro sim card into the the adapter
Your regular sim card has restored

Package Contents:

1 * Micro Sim Card To Sim Card Adapter



The actual link is here:

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Re: Can I buy a microsim?

I would suggest buying special adapter to use micro SIM in usual mobile phones. Look here: – they sell adapters for $4.99 with free worldwide shipping. I got mine 2 days ago - it is very good quality, and my micro SIM fit it well. Now I can use single SIM card with my iPad and with my old iPhone.

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Re: Can I buy a microsim?

No reasons to buy!

Just google - there are many tutorials that explains how to cut your usual SIM card to micro sim size.

Personally, I used this video and special template that they provide to make my micro sim: YouTube video

I'm a girl, but managed to cut it easy with this template, so try it yourself Smiley Happy

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Re: Can I buy a microsim?

well..... if a girl did it

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