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Calls to and from Canada


Calls to and from Canada

I recently started calling/receiving calls from a friend that lives in Canada. So I was wondering if it costs extra to call someone in Canada, or if its free during my night/weekend minutes? I live in Chicago. When I called family in Alabama, I didn't receive any roaming charges. So I'm hoping it would be the same for Canada, but since its a different country I'm not sure.

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Re: Calls to and from Canada

Canada is an international call. The rate is $0.20 from a regular phone.  You can bring it down a bit signing up for World Connect.   Frankly, I'd son up for a calling card.  You can get Canada for less than 2 cents a minute.  If the calls are working both ways, sign up for two $10 mobivox accounts.  You and your friend register all your numbers with the service.  You call a local number and can use voice recognition. to call each other.  Calls between the two numbers are free.  Other Canadian numbers call you 1.9 cents a minute. 
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Re: Calls to and from Canada

Even at night during my unlimited minutes?
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Re: Calls to and from Canada

Yup, even during your nights and weekend minutes. It is still an international call even though the number is structured the same as a US call.

This is a case of "don't shoot the messenger." I understand that Canada is a mainstream destination with a common culture to the US. I live ten minutes from the Canadian border, it is not that think of Canada is a distant and far away place. Before 9/11, I used to get carry-out food from Canada and bring it home. Rogers (
Canada's big GSM provider) treats my metro area as part of Canada on regional plans (but not the national ones). These are good arguments why ATT might wish to change its policies, but it doesn't change them.

This is a cut and paste job on ATT's CAnadian discount plan.

AT&T® Canada™ $3.99 per month
With AT&T Canada, get our lowest rates when you travel to or call Canada.*
Call 1-800-331-0500 to sign up now.
59¢ per minute while roaming in Canada
19¢ per minute when calling from the U.S.
*Outside this destination, standard rates apply

Currently, calls to Canada without the plan are are only a penny two higher. The plan only makes sense for people who spend time in Canada and then I don't think it is a great deal. I use a prepaid SIM in Canada.

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Re: Calls to and from Canada

If the personal calls you then your Minutes apply only.  So if they call you after 9PM your time it would be a free call.  If you called them it would be a Pay Per minute basis.
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Re: Calls to and from Canada

Try using a service called Gorilla Mobile.  They are based out of the state of New York.  I have been using them for the past 5years without a problem.  Calls to Canada are 5 cents per minute.  Very easy to set up.  You do have to provide a credit card though.  I have never been miss charged for any minutes and my credit card has never been compromised.  I would recommend this service to anyone.  To connect to gorilla mobile you can dial an 800 number or a local 202 area number.  Since dialing in the U.S. is free I use the 202 number as the 800 number does have a connection fee of 15 cents each time you use it.  The 202 number has no connection fee.
I hope this helps.
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Re: Calls to and from Canada

I use this card for about 4+years 1.9 cents a minute, no fee at all, can call from any phone, no PIN
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