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Calls not showing up on detail billing

Calls not showing up on detail billing

As part of the silent voicemail calls, these calls are also not showing up on my detail billing.  I have no way of knowing the phone number of the person that called.  I know I'm not charged for these calls, but I think the number of the caller should show up.
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Re: Calls not showing up on detail billing

From reading this post and your other one, it's possible that the offending party is another ATTWS customer on the same voicemail platform as you.  They may be dialling into the VM system, composing a silent message, and sending it to your mailbox.  Try this: when you're listening to your voicemails, at the point where you have a 'silent' one, press 5 on your keypad.  If there is caller ID info attached to the message, the system will speak it for you (i.e., give you the 'envelope').


Just a thought.



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Re: Calls not showing up on detail billing

You are correct.  That is what is happening.  AT&T would not help.  They said no changes could be made other than to turn off voicemail.  I am changing to youmail and that should solve the problem.  Thank you for replying.
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