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Calling USA from Costa Rica wth iPhone, 001 not 011


Calling USA from Costa Rica wth iPhone, 001 not 011

We just returned from Costa Rica 02 Jan 09. Dialing the US with my iPhone was NOT as described in the ATT "learn" section or the tips in this forum.

To dial home I had to dial 001-areacode-number,  like 0013605551212.

ATT and this forum said to dail +1-areacode-number, or 011-1-areacode-number. Dialing a "+" is supposed to be the same as dialing 011.

I had international assist ON or OFF.

At first I thought I was hearing it wrong, but no, they were telling me 001 not 011, and no extra 1.

 you dial 001 then the US area code then the number.

Maybe this has something to do with having international assist on and international roaming on my account but +1 and 011-1 didn't work.



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Re: Calling USA from Costa Rica wth iPhone, 001 not 011

Hi, we are headed to Costa Rica in a week.  Did you purchase a special plan or just use the roaming and crazy ATT charges?


Thanks for the tip on the dialing.  We will be there over Christmas and so want/need to call home to say Hi and checking to see how to do it.


Have a great day!


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Re: Calling USA from Costa Rica wth iPhone, 001 not 011

The following website agrees with the OP regarding the dialing pattern from Costa Rica to USA:


I've used the website many times to determine dialing patterns while travelling abroad or while calling foreign countries, and its never failed me.


In theory "+" can be used in place of the international access code for whatever country you are in (tells the phone system that you are going to dial another country).  This is very handy, as every country used a different code.  Its usually 011 or 001.  According to the website I reference above, the international access code in Costa Rica is "00".  So they correct dial pattern to call the US from there should have been  "+13605551212" if using the plus sign.

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