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Caller ID Issue with Family Talk Plan


Caller ID Issue with Family Talk Plan

I am not sure if this is the correct thread in which to post this, but I could not see any other topic related to this. I have two phones on the family talk plan. The second phone shows my name on the caller ID. Is there a way to have the caller ID of the second phone reflect the name of the person actually using it? This is confusing a lot of people who see my name, but not a number they associate with me. Similarly, people are confused when they see the other number but not the name thay associate with it. Thanks. Feel free to move this to the correct thread if this is not it.

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Re: Caller ID Issue with Family Talk Plan

I don't know if this will help you or not but I have a family plan with two phones and our caller ID's are different. I have their name associated with that particular phone number in the online account management system. Log in to the account and select profiles > user information. Click on the phone number and see what name is listed.


I also found this thread by searching "caller id". I haven't read it myself but you might find some additional answers.

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Re: Caller ID Issue with Family Talk Plan

See my response in the referenced thread. You can change the name via the online account management.

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