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Call them like I see them...


Call them like I see them...

I am a regular user of these forums both for my MicroCell and for my Apple iPhone.  I often read about the trials and tribulations many of the posters share cursing AT&T, their service and products.  My preference however when reading the posts is not to hear about how unhappy one might be with their product or service but rather ways for all of us to better use the products.  I have been a customer with AT&T for many years and have found the service level to be nothing less than first class with the many different individuals I have spoken with over the years to be genuinely interested in helping me found a solution to whatever issue I have raised.  I have never had a solution posed by AT&T that left me unhappy and this once again held true with an issue I had with my MicroCell.


I purchased my MicroCell last week and installed it happily as my cell service in my home due to it's geographic location is not ideal.  I have tried a repeater, standing next to a window and whatever other method I could come up with in an effort to simply be able to answer my cell phone.  Although my MicroCell appeared to be working properly after a few days I found a good percentage of my calls going straight through to voice mail without the phone ringing, a problem that appears to be one many have experienced.  I called the support line and the gentlemen on the phone walked me through many steps including the configuration of my router even going as far as to contact D-Link the manufacturer of my router to insure that the settings were proper.  This individual spent well over an hour with me troubleshooting every different facet of the product.  We ended the conversation with the understanding that I would be called the next day at 7:00 PM by a member of the support staff to make sure the problem was solved which unfortunately it was not.  This individual outlined a series of tests for me to perform to narrow down the possible cause of the problem as the possibility of my iPhone being the culprit existed.  He also explained to me that he would again call me the next day at 7:00 PM to see what the results of my various tests were.  As it turned out it was not my iPhone nor my wife's iPhone as both phones were experiencing the same results which meant that the MicroCell itself was quite likely the problem.  I took the unit back to the store and exchanged it for a new one with no questions asked.  I immediately activated and re-ran my tests which by the way consisted of me calling my wife's cell phone 15 times from my phone with none of the calls going to her voice mail and then did the same with her phone to mine with the same positive results.  I then repeated the tests from a landline with the same great results. 


At 7:00 PM the next evening I again received a call from the gentlemen from the support staff who was pleased to hear that the problem appeared to be solved and the simple replacement of the MicroCell solved the issue.  Ideally I am done with having problems with the product as I really like what it does for me but the purpose of this posting was to first praise the excellent service I received from AT&T and to let the readers of these posts to know that AT&T does care and will help you find a solution.  If my MicroCell fails again I know I will not be left with a"brick" as several of you have referred to the item as but rather just the opposite, a company that sincerely cares about its products and services.  As I mentioned I have read so many times about how unhappy some of the posters are and thought I would "call them like I see them" and let you all know that we are not all unhappy with AT&T but just the opposite.  Yes I agree that the new technology associated with the MicroCell should be one that we can all count on but in reality there is no new hardware that fails to have "growing pains" at it's inception.  I am confident that this product will be one that I can count on for years to come and I am also confident that AT&T will continue to stand behind their products. 

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Re: Call them like I see them...

I do believe that AT&T does care. It just takes a while to get to right people and you have to have the patience to sit it through. After over a month of trying to get my data working reliably, I'm now in direct contact with AT&T's group of Microcell engineers. While my problems haven't been solved yet, they're working on it and my discussion with one of them shows that he truly does care and want to get everything up and running perfectly.

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Re: Call them like I see them...

I agree 100%.  Having been with T-Mobile since it was VoiceStream (and running unlocked iPhone 3Gs), I had concerns switching to AT&T due to all the horror stories you read about on the internet.  However, the firmware update/jailbreak/unlock dance was growing old and the iPhone 4 release coincident with the MicroCell release coincident with a AT&T corporate plan made switching attractive.  I can't say I haven't had a few issues with the MicroCell, but all were resolved to my satisfaction.  From the brick & mortar store to calling 611, I have had nothing but excellent, professional customer service with everyone I've dealt with.  Unfortunately, the nature of the internet is that it's generally a forum to complain, not praise.

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Re: Call them like I see them...

I posted the original message on this thread back in July and read the other posts regularly for hints and tricks but unfortunately most of what I hear is complaints and idle threats to leave AT&T which of course is one of the options all of us have.  Either I must be one of the lucky ones or the technician who helped me must have had the magic touch but my MicroCell has worked flawlessly since I posted my compliments some 8 months ago so for those of you who continue to have issues, a solution is indeed possible.  Case in point, my son in Southern California was having similar problems with his MicroCell to the ones I had and AT&T called back numerous times during the week following the initial call to insure that his issues were solved which they were.  I have always found the support staff to be very knowledgable as well as caring and thus once again am calling it like I see it.  As a side note I do not have any stock in AT&T nor any financial incentives to post messages such as these but do it rather because I appreciate good service and feel it needs to be recognized when provided.  For those of you with problems, give them a chance as based on my experiences I am confident your problems and issues will be solved as well.  

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Re: Call them like I see them...

I can only say that I have had a different experience. I don't doubt that it is possible to be a have a happy experience with AT&T, I find fault with them for not doing the simple things that would ensure that that same experience is shared with more of their customers. We're talking about really basic things - like documenting error messages for their own front line support staff so that there's a single unified message for everyone who calls in with a particular problem. Or having a backend server status dashboard to quickly communicate service outages. Stuff any 5th grader would think to do.
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Re: Call them like I see them...

Read my posts in the "MicroCell out in Bay Area" thread. While I do agree that there are support people within AT&T who generally want to help and do care, the level of 2nd and 3rd tier support has definite issues. Out of the 7 support individuals who have helped me over the past week, only one was not very helpful or pleasant, and he must of been new because he didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about even after reading the extensive notes in front of him. I will continue with my on-going saga with support, and now the ConnectTech folks in the above mentioned thread. So far AT&T has credited my bill for about $80 due to their technical issues.

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Re: Call them like I see them...

They don't care.  I had to pay for my microcell, yet, they are giving them away to customers with less than 5 months of service with AT&T.  I have been a customer for almost 2 years!!!

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