Call from AT&T Fraud Dept.


Call from AT&T Fraud Dept.

Has anyone else accidentally placed more than one order for the iPhone 4?  I tried ordering twice on line and once in a store, plus my daughter ordered one in a store.  Apparently, one of my timed-out online orders worked and I got a call-they had three orders for two of our lines.  The fraud department is calling everyone with a similar situation to see how many phones they actually want.  At least now I know my online order is good, and it was made around 11am, which is well before the cut off time.  Yippee!  She said they still have no idea when the phones will be sent.  They are checking each order individually, according to what I was told, and it sounds as if the iPhone order situation is still a mess.  But at least I KNOW they have my order and I am on some list, some time, some where...

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Re: Call from AT&T Fraud Dept.

Im glad AT&T is working on these things now, so people can stop complaining about their orders....all it takes is a little patience lol

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Re: Call from AT&T Fraud Dept.

I got the same call.

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Re: Call from AT&T Fraud Dept.

When I placed my order online on Tuesday.  The site asked me if I entered the correct credit card info.  Which I did.  then I received a call from VISA fraud protection, making sure I ordered the phone.  So I guess it does happen.

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Re: Call from AT&T Fraud Dept.

Yeah I got a call from PayPal asking if I made that order lol

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