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Call Forwarding



I was unable to find a similiar situation and just wanted to clarify something about call forwarding:


I currently have wireless plan for the iPhone in the USA.  I am travelling to Canada and don't want to be bothered paying the extra charges while there.  I want to forward my calls to my wife (USA number).  I will be taking my phone with me so I can recieve text messages etc., but will I be charged any fee (other than regular minutes) if my calls are forwarded to my wife?


To sum it up -

1) I have USA number

2) Wife has USA number

3) I forward my calls to my wife, while I am in Canada

4) Will my phone be charged an international rate because calls are being forwarded to her?


Thanks fro your help!

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Re: Call Forwarding

You minutes will be deducted for forwarding to a USA number.

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