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Call Forwarding - Condition


Call Forwarding - Condition

Question for anyone......... I purchased a Bold from AT&T and everytime I make a call it put a popup screen with a message while it is dialing the number.
Error: "Call Forwarding - Condition". Why would it say this everytime I make a call from my Bold.
Things I tried:
1.) I checked all the options from the call log and they are set to the deafults.
2.) I made sure that the forwarding conditions are correct when I am in a call, or not answer, etc..
3.) I registered the Bold from the BIS site for Blackberry through ATT
4.) Registered the Host routing table
5.) Resent service books.
 The Next step is to call customer service, but I wanted to make sure that I have done everything possible from my end.
Thank you in advance for all your sujections and resolutions.....

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